Brace yourself, kids. Things are about to get ugly.

Here, have some wavy-curly type haired Annie.

If I’m ever smiling chances are I’m thinking about Harry&Louis. 


Blonder tips and maybe dumber as well. Stay tuned.

Wore all black while it was 100 degrees out; in other words, I’m hella hardcore. #dontmesswithme 

Dyed le hair ombre finally, after like 3 years of wanting it. I like B&W pics though so I’m soz. 

I only look decent when bright light is hitting my face #truestory

#dismysrsface (I tried on a super dark brown lipstick this day, I remember.)

I took so many selfies this day and actually liked most which is rare. Every once in a while one of them pop up because my outfit made sense for once.

Every once in a while I smile. That rhymed. I’m actually a rapper.

Hey 12 year old looking kid, get off the internet. 

I wanna take a moment to thank mirrors who make you look skinnier than you actually are. Big up!

When this was taken, we (brother and I) were getting a mean tan at the back of Whiskey A Go-Go waiting in line for Sunset Strip Music Fest. Hella good day.

When I first updated my phone to ios 7 and tried out the Noir filter, which has now saved my life.

My hair looked blue so 1 up but my eye makeup game wasn’t at its best. Sue me.

Before I used squaready to frame pics in white bg and had barely dyed my hair blue black the night before. Great memory, that.

Not sure how I made my face do this but I liked it? Also #LPUTFW shirt (twitter it) woot woot!

Before a Marvel marathon when I had caramel lowlights and my natural hair color.

I’m pretty sure I was actually 15 here and never liked my selfies. That day I tried taking some and actually liked this one. Also, I wanna thank the lighting for making the ends of my hair look blonde-ish. Because of this picture I got the idea of wanting dark to gradually lighter hair which someone also thought of out there and called it ombre and everyone freaking got it. P.S. Excuse my god-awful eyeliner, thanks.